Sunday, 8 June 2014

Best From The Net

I am a huge advocate for the high street. You really can't beat the experience - the excitement of finding an absolute bargain, discovering something you didn't know you needed, being inspired by the mannequins and displays. However, amazing menswear can also be found just a click away, so here are some of my favorite (And in my opinion, the best) menswear websites around at the moment.

Not Just A Label
Not Just A Label is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing today’s pioneers in contemporary fashion. It supports and promotes young designers, offering them a selling space to sell their absolutely fabulous creations. Not Just A Label is not just an online shop either - it has a whole editorial section dedicated to interviews, articles and competitions. Check it out here.

Boohoo has been a firm favorite of mine for a while now. They have really upped their game in the menswear stakes, offering some fashion forward pieces at extremely affordable prices (and when I say affordable - I mean AFFORDABLE). And for the price, the quality is fantastic too! My only hope is that Boohoo continue to go from strength to strength and build upon their already excellent range of menswear, venturing into the even more adventurous styles. Their Boohoo Boutique range of womenswear is always a brilliant offering, and I'd love for them to do a menswear version of this! Shop Boohoo here.

This Is Fred
Fred is a luxury streetwear brand for men and women. Hand made in East London, each unique piece is hand crafted to a superior standard. The brands aesthetic is inspired by the convergence of the strength and angularity of architectural forms and the fluidity of natural shapes. Ok, ok, moving on from the pretentious description, This Is Fred, offers some fantastic silhouettes at very reasonable prices. With such a strong influence from Gareth Pugh, is at any surprise I am totally in love with this brand? Shop here.

Not boring clothes for not boring people! 6000AD is a creative retail experience, challenging the unexciting and the banal that the internet is saturated with. Founded by Philip Normal and Alexandre Pollazzon, 6000AD brings fun fashion that aims to make you smile! They stock a variety of brands (including personal favorite Horace), and have a wonderful point of view on fashion. Have some fun shopping here.

The idea of ASOS started in 1999 when founders Quentin Griffiths and Nick Robertson (who’s still CEO) had the idea of starting an internet business where people could find clothes or accessories they had seen celebs wearing. Since then, ASOS has evolved into a global online fashion and beauty retailer selling over 65,000 branded and own-label products to fashion forward twenty-somethings. The latest menswear offering from ASOS is still as strong as ever, with an excellent range of well cut streetwear in gorgeous fabrics. Shop the collection here.

Maniére De Voir
Maniére De Voir has been created to fulfil the need of fashion fanatics who desire creative designs at affordable prices. We all know I'm a huge fan of wearing black or leather, so it's not really a surpirse that Maniére De Voir has featured in my list. So in love with those Zip knee leathers! Shop here.

Rabbithole London
Rabbithole London describes itself as a combination of London street wear with its own feeling of vintage elegance and rock n roll. Rabbithole is not solely a website either, with their own shop in the Stables Market in Camden. Their selection of edgy menswear in unsurpassed, and without doubt one of my favorite places to shop. Every time I get my hair cut in Camden I have to pop into the store. For those of you who don't live in London, you can shop an edit of their range here.

The Unconventional
The Unconventional is an independent online boutique showcasing some of the most exciting underground and emerging talent. An ambassador for a tightly knit group of design talent, the instinct for potential local and international trend is second to none. A higher price point than the majority of the websites featured, but well worth the money for the gorgeous silhouettes and artisan craftsmanship featured by this boutique. Shop here.

So if you fancy a good shop, but don't want to leave the house, check out all the above, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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