Saturday, 21 June 2014

London Collections Men : Spring Summer 15

For those who don't already know, London Collections Men happened last weekend, and the standard of Menswear for the next Spring/Summer season is beyond expectations. Once again, due to night shifts in work - I missed the whole thing. Thank god for the internet! Obviously I have spent the weekend trawling through fashion websites and blogs to bring you my personal highlights from the London shows.

1. Ada + Nik
A modern and slick take on leather, Ada + Nik presented a beautifully cut collection of black and silver menswear, and I would wear every single piece. Those leather dungarees would look amazing worn with a crisp white shirt, and the magpie in me can't express my love enough for the silver shorts. And that long length leather gilet is the absolute perfect layering piece that would easily transition from summer into winter.

2. Sibling
Sibling is the unrivaled King of knitwear and a champion for edgy menswear, and Spring/Summer 15 certainly doesn't disappoint. Gorgeous layers of fringe over a sheer knit create a collection with a more sophisticated take on tribal dressing, but stays true to the inspiration with bone jewellery and horse hair Mohawks. Styled perfectly with black lace up derby shoes and socks, it's like a clueless British businessman got lost in the wilderness and went native. Fan-flipping-tastic.

3. KTZ
Sheer. Leather. Metallic. Monochrome. Bold. And all with a sportswear twist. KTZ literally took everything I love about menswear and put it together to create a streetwear embedded collection infused with greek mythology. I feel like I need every single sheer piece in this collection - because they are all so perfect. And even more perfect is the mixture of different textures and fabrics, combining rubber, leather, airtex and even sequins in a way that is masculine  - not an easy task!

4. Christopher Shannon
Christopher Shannon knows how men should dress.The collection feels effortless, yet filled with beautiful subtle details that make this more than just your standard sportswear inspired menswear collection. I especially love the oversized white tee with the navy cut-out shorts. Perfectly styled with white socks and a Man clutch. And keeping that trademark quirky edgy, all the models rocked Miley Cyrus style hair buns. Brilliant.

5. Matthew Miller

The tailoring in Matthew Millers collection is unsurpassed, but it's the floral accessories that really grabbed my attention. Giving the beautiful structure of the clothing a hint of soft femininity makes this a stunningly sensitive collection. I love how an all black outfit is made fantastically chic with just the smallest hint of detail - something I will without a doubt be blogging about in future posts.

There were a few trends on the catwalks I really didn't like - the whole 60's/70's thing that Topman and Katie Eary presented just really didn't sit well with me, and these are usually two of my favorite menswear collections. Such a shame. But apart from that, Spring/Summer 15 is going to be a good season for fashion, and I don't think I could be more excited to start rocking some of these trends. Boom.


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