Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Shirt - Studio Collection, Shorts - Topman, Clutch - 3.1 Phillip Lim, Snapback - Urban Outfitters, Socks - H&M, Sandals - New Look

Photography by Jasmine Dominique

I have been obsessed with this Phillip Lim clutch ever since it first arrived in store, so as soon as it went into the sale I knew I had to have it! I'm always a fan of anything metallic or holographic, and this has such a beautiful green/blue shimmer that reminds me of beetle wings. To make the clutch really stand out, I went for an all black look with bit of a sports luxe edge. I bought the shirt from Studio Collection in Camden (one of my all time favorite menswear stores) with the intention of wearing it to the blogger awards, but made a last minute substitution when I managed to get a Rick Owens shirt from work to wear. I really love the elastic detailing, so I've been waiting for the perfect outfit to do this shirt justice. Keeping with the sports luxe theme I wore some runner style tailored shorts and my leather snapback. On my feet I couldn't possibly wear anything other than socks and sandals. Wrong, but so so right.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Selfridges Christmas Press Day 2014 #destinationchirstmas

 Hello Boys!

 A selection of mens accessories

 Gorgeous metallic Sibling knitwear

 I need this mug - right?!

 I do love a good metallic blazer

 Designers illustrations of their exclusive products. Beautiful.

 More exclusive gold product - Including a Kenzo sweat, crazy gold studded jacket, and a Givency tee with gold thorn print.

 The least gold 'gold thing' I've ever seen - Rick Owens' exclusive leather jacket.

 Stunning headwear

Obviously I couldn't resist trying on this WXYZ snapback made entirely from gold tubes. Pure Amazing.

As some of you may know, I really hate Christmas. For me it normally means working long hours, not being able to go home to see my family, being cold, and waiting for the next big disaster. Depressing outlook - I know. However, when I had the opportunity to go to the Selfridges Christmas Press day, I couldn't really pass up the opportunity! Christmas at Selfridges this year is all about GOLD. So many brands and designers have designed exclusive products in gold especially for Selfridges. I loved being able to see the designers sketches of their creations alongside the actual garments - and its not only clothes! Everything from Shoes, Accessories, Homewares, Food and even Sex Toys will be available in a limited gold edition - perfect Christmas gifts for those loved ones with a preference for something blingy, or just presents for yourself! (If you want to splash the cash that is). The other major thing that Selfridges is Championing this year is customization. They are offering a range of ways to make your gift personal to the person you are giving it too - Including Nutella jars and Santa sacks emblazoned with the name of that special someone. Cute right?! So it may not be my favorite time of year, but I'm certainly now in the Christmas spirit, despite the crazy heat wave we're having at the moment.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Long Laidback Summer

Trousers - Blitz Vintage, Tee - Topman, Backpack - Topman, Sandals - New Look, Belt - Topshop

I feel like all my posts are inspired by Spring/Summer 15 collections at the moment - there was just so much I loved though! MSGM was the main inspiration for this look. I finally managed to find a true vintage pair of high waisted trousers from Blitz Vintage (one of my favourite vintage shops in East London), in a fantastic grey check - bang on trend for next Spring/Summer. They are made from a really lightweight fabric, and have a slightly wider leg then I am used to wearing, and therefore perfect for creating a more laidback look. Emulating MSGM's collection, I clashed the check of the trousers with a bold striped tee. I also wanted to clash the smartness of the trousers with casual elements, so I accessorized with sandals and a backpack. I was thinking of adding a bit of colour to this outfit - but we all know that's just not my style! So, as usual, I went with monochrome. If I had one, I would have layered a grey tropical print pac-a-mac over this look, but unfortunately this is a very specific thing to find, and I can't time travel to next summer to buy the MSGM one when it goes on sale. I'll keep looking for one though! It would certainly be a worthwhile investment with this 'sunny one minute, raining the next' weather we're having at the moment.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Vest - Bitching and Junkfood, Leggings/Skirt - Borderline Apparel, Boots - Topman, Snapback - Urban Outfitters

One of the biggest, and also one of my favourite trends for spring/summer 15 is the bondage influence seen on the catwalk. Usually when I do this trend I go for a smarter look - pairing an actual harness with a clean white shirt or a blazer. For this post I wanted a more casual take on the trend. I found this vest in the Topshop sale and knew I had to have it! It's by Bitching and Junkfood - a really cool brand who produce really edgy womenswear. I think it's meant to be a dress, but I think it looks really cool worn as a long-line vest, especially with long-line clothing being another massive menswear trend for spring/summer 15. I like that the harness detail is printed, making the look a bit softer, and less bondage-y. I decided to keep the look monochrome (surprise, surprise), and kept everything else black, apart from my white boots. The skirt detail on my Borderline Apparel leggings works really well with the length of the vest, with the asymmetric panels poking out nicely from the bottom of it. Giving the look a street edge I simply accessorized with my leather snapback. The weather is so unpredictable at the moment, wearing lightweight jersey seems to be the best bet for surviving the clammy heat, and this outfit is perfect for achieving that.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Launching Selfridges Designer West

Last night I helped out on one of the most exhausting and most enjoyable night shifts of my life. I assisted the menswear VM team in work to launch the new Menswear Designer Gallery. The new space boasts twelve new designer collections, and houses the Avant-Garde menswear pieces. The shopping space was designed by architect Alex Cochrane and is absolutely stunning. Every element has been considered - from the three circular accessory tables shrouded by illuminated halos, to the angular mannequin plinths that appear to have risen from the marble floor. The aim was to lay the space out like an art gallery, with mannequins staggered throughout the mat - and I really think we succeeded! Among the designer heavyweights like Ann Demuelemeester, Haider Ackermann, and Junya Watanabe, the new space also features new collections from the likes of Sibling, Casely-Hayford and Isabel Benenato. I had so much fun styling the mannequins! It made me realize how much I want to be working with menswear product, and to be able to go wild with such amazing collections was absolutely amazing. I am so proud of my work - especially the guy in the halo on the center table! My pride and joy haha. Alongside the new edit mat, there is also a brand new luxury menswear personal shopping space - headed up by Menswear master stylist (and also my managers boyfriend) Joe Ottoway, and is a beautifully designed space, that even has a crazily expensive black onyx toilet! Just what you've always wanted!  I didn't manage to take many photos, but here are the few I did manage to take, and if you get chance, please go in-store and check out my hard work!

 Photo taken at about 5am - Stock merchandised, mannequins in place and outfits picked.
 Two of my favorite mannequins that I styled.
 Not my styling here - but how gorge is the guy in the neckerchief?!
 Love the zip detail on the back of this blazer, and this cheeky guy checking himself out in the mirror!
 Those Haider trousers and so so perfect - we may have them on a few too many mannequins haha.
 Sibling knitwear wall that I helped merchandise. Love the cream, blue and black jumper and scarf - so soft and snuggly.
Couldn't help taking another pic of my favorite guy. He's a beaut.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sock it to me

Shirt - Zara, Shorts - Sparks, Waistcoat - Berthold, Socks - Item M6 c/o Task PR, Shoes - Topman Lux, Belt - Topshop

Photography By Jasmine Dominique

For this look, I was heavily influenced by my favourite Spring/Summer 15 collections, taking inspiration from the likes of Thom Browne and Givenchy. The knee high socks are from a brand called Item M6, and were kindly given to me by Task PR. These socks do all kinds of magical things I don't entirely understand, and describe themselves as 'intelligent legwear'. They utilise compression and shaping technology to improve your legs silhouette (don't my legs look wonderfully shapely?!), and stimulate circulation to give you extra energy. I really like the material they are made of, as it's not your usual knitted sock, but a technical fabric that kinda reminds me of neoprene - making them look much more modern and chic. They also come in a box with a hot guy on the front ;). I wanted to show the socks off, so paired them with some Thom Browne-esque high waisted pinstripe shorts from Sparks. Keeping the look smart I wore a crisp black shirt and this absolutely amazing grey felt waistcoat by Berthold I got from . Seriously love this thing - it's the best piece of felt I've ever owned - and I once owned fuzzy felt! That's hard to beat! haha. I think the combination of knee high socks with unusual tailoring works really well and gives a really modern twist on traditional smart dressing. I am working a night shift tonight, and plan to wear the socks in the hopes that they will keep me energized throughout the onslaught of mannequins and floor moves! Wish me luck!