Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Launching Selfridges Designer West

Last night I helped out on one of the most exhausting and most enjoyable night shifts of my life. I assisted the menswear VM team in work to launch the new Menswear Designer Gallery. The new space boasts twelve new designer collections, and houses the Avant-Garde menswear pieces. The shopping space was designed by architect Alex Cochrane and is absolutely stunning. Every element has been considered - from the three circular accessory tables shrouded by illuminated halos, to the angular mannequin plinths that appear to have risen from the marble floor. The aim was to lay the space out like an art gallery, with mannequins staggered throughout the mat - and I really think we succeeded! Among the designer heavyweights like Ann Demuelemeester, Haider Ackermann, and Junya Watanabe, the new space also features new collections from the likes of Sibling, Casely-Hayford and Isabel Benenato. I had so much fun styling the mannequins! It made me realize how much I want to be working with menswear product, and to be able to go wild with such amazing collections was absolutely amazing. I am so proud of my work - especially the guy in the halo on the center table! My pride and joy haha. Alongside the new edit mat, there is also a brand new luxury menswear personal shopping space - headed up by Menswear master stylist (and also my managers boyfriend) Joe Ottoway, and is a beautifully designed space, that even has a crazily expensive black onyx toilet! Just what you've always wanted!  I didn't manage to take many photos, but here are the few I did manage to take, and if you get chance, please go in-store and check out my hard work!

 Photo taken at about 5am - Stock merchandised, mannequins in place and outfits picked.
 Two of my favorite mannequins that I styled.
 Not my styling here - but how gorge is the guy in the neckerchief?!
 Love the zip detail on the back of this blazer, and this cheeky guy checking himself out in the mirror!
 Those Haider trousers and so so perfect - we may have them on a few too many mannequins haha.
 Sibling knitwear wall that I helped merchandise. Love the cream, blue and black jumper and scarf - so soft and snuggly.
Couldn't help taking another pic of my favorite guy. He's a beaut.

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  1. Great post, and good job with the VM and styling! Glad that you liked the design :)