Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sock it to me

Shirt - Zara, Shorts - Sparks, Waistcoat - Berthold, Socks - Item M6 c/o Task PR, Shoes - Topman Lux, Belt - Topshop

Photography By Jasmine Dominique

For this look, I was heavily influenced by my favourite Spring/Summer 15 collections, taking inspiration from the likes of Thom Browne and Givenchy. The knee high socks are from a brand called Item M6, and were kindly given to me by Task PR. These socks do all kinds of magical things I don't entirely understand, and describe themselves as 'intelligent legwear'. They utilise compression and shaping technology to improve your legs silhouette (don't my legs look wonderfully shapely?!), and stimulate circulation to give you extra energy. I really like the material they are made of, as it's not your usual knitted sock, but a technical fabric that kinda reminds me of neoprene - making them look much more modern and chic. They also come in a box with a hot guy on the front ;). I wanted to show the socks off, so paired them with some Thom Browne-esque high waisted pinstripe shorts from Sparks. Keeping the look smart I wore a crisp black shirt and this absolutely amazing grey felt waistcoat by Berthold I got from . Seriously love this thing - it's the best piece of felt I've ever owned - and I once owned fuzzy felt! That's hard to beat! haha. I think the combination of knee high socks with unusual tailoring works really well and gives a really modern twist on traditional smart dressing. I am working a night shift tonight, and plan to wear the socks in the hopes that they will keep me energized throughout the onslaught of mannequins and floor moves! Wish me luck!

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