Thursday, 21 August 2014

Gym Class Goth

Sweat - Boohoo, Top - Oak, Shorts - Rabbithole London, Socks - American Apparel, Sandals - Dr Martens, Holdall - Unknown (Gift)

As I'm sure you might have guessed, I was never the athletic type in school. I was definitely more of a geek, but I did go through bit of a goth phase, which I think has stuck with me a bit. These days fashion inspiration comes from everywhere, and reminiscing over school days inspired me to put together this look. It's bit of a 90's throwback, clashing gothic black with a sportswear feel. I removed the sleeves from my boohoo zip sleeve sweat and layered it over the Oak top I blogged a few weeks ago - this time worn with the long part at the back. I combined this with my Rabbithole PU shorts and pulled together the sportswear/goth/nerd influences with socks and sandals and a big PU holdall. I realize I post far too much black, but I really can't help it - I'm just really drawn to all black at the moment. I'll stop wearing it when they invent a darker colour ;) haha.

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