Friday, 5 September 2014

Beyond Retro Christmas Press Day 2014 #Beyondretroxmas

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas......

Some of Beyond Retros Autumn/Winter trends (available in-store now)

Loved this bomber jacket made from recycled, un-sellable clothes!

 Giant Christmas Jumper anyone?

 Some gorgeous winter accessories.

 The perfect suede holdall - made from recycled jackets.

 We wish you a merry Christmas (I'll stop now.....maybe)

 This jacket is KILLER. Look at the fringe! All kinds of NEED!

 A photo of a photo of me taking a photo - photo-ception

 And the cutest (and most delicious) Christmas jumper shaped gingerbread biscuits you will ever see

If you remember my post about the Selfridges Christmas press day, you will know I hate Christmas. But Beyond Retro have done a FANTASTIC job of convincing me otherwise. I even have Christmas carols singing in my head, and I don't even mind! The Beyond Retro Press day really captured the magic of Christmas for me - walls clad in cheap wrapping paper, giant squishy Christmas jumper and super tacky Christmas decorations. The stock on the other hand, was anything but cheap and tacky. It was fantastic, especially their own label product. For me, re-worked vintage is the best kind of vintage - it normally fits better and makes something outdated or ruined into something fresh and modern. Amongst the numerous gorgeous pieces, my favourite was definitely the fringed sleeve leather jacket. I could happily live in that thing. Not only was the product on display phenomenal, but so were the freebies - a bottle of Babycham, goodie bags filled with all the things you'd expect to find in your Xmas stocking (Chocolate, gingerbread, nuts, candy canes and a satsuma!), and a free xmas jumper. Obviously I had to pick the least christmas related, but most sparkly one available.....

It's gold. It's covered in sequins. And it sparkles brighter than 1,000 suns. I have no idea how, or when I'm going to wear it, but I love it nonetheless. And here's what I wore - 

Shirt - Sam Greenberg Vintage, Coat - Studio Collection, Trousers - Sparks, Hat - Comme Des Garcons Comme Des Garcons, Shoes - Topman, Belt - Topshop

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