Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week Day 4 #LFW

Playsuit - c/o The Freak Show, Jacket - Berthold, Leggings - Rabbithole London, Hat - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - Borderline Apparel, Shoes - Underground, Bag - Homemade

So Day 4's LFW outfit is pretty special, because it's not what I had planned to wear to Fashion Week. Robert Davis - creative genius and visionary designer behind edgy unisex brand The Freak Show saw the photographs of me wearing his sheer maxi dress on Day 1 of Fashion Week, and very kindly sent me the Playsuit to wear on Day 4. How amazing is that?! What a Dream Boat! And this playsuit, believe you me, is equally as amazing. I love how drapey it is, which contrasts with the super tight wetlook sleeves and high neck collar. I urge you to please please please visit his online store here and buy something to support this fantastic designer. I had originally planned to wear knee high socks with the playsuit, but I felt the leggings worked better with the overall outfit. I wanted to layer something over the top, but didn't want to hide the sleeve detail, so my Berthold felt jacket was the perfect thing. I reflected the soft sheen of the playsuit sleeves with my leather snapback and creepers, and really emphasized the collar with this insanely awesome metal neckbrace from Borderline Apparel. The bag I actually made myself (to go with the outfit I wore on day 5), but I felt it worked really well with the felt waistcoat and helped to lighten the outfit a bit. I had so many compliments on the bag I think I need to go into business as a bag designer! I already have a few orders!

Anyway, back to the frivolity of Fashion Week, I didn't actually have any tickets for Day 4, however, I bumped into another absolute sweetheart - Larry Tee of Tzuji. I started chatting to him, told him how much I loved his brand and he went out of his way to get me a press pass so that I could see his collection in the designer showrooms! And I was in no way disappointed. Tzuji was showing as part of Heavy London - a group of fashion forward deisgners, all of whom I loved. Tzuji had some stunning pieces, including holographic and sheer streetwear, that you just know I would live in if I had the chance! Susie Bubble was even pictured twice wearing pieces from the new collection, so you know it's good. I also really liked the monochrome collection that was showing as part of Heavy London (no surprises there haha), and of course Vinti Andrews who always knocks it out of the park. Check out some photos from the showroom below. Day 5 will be posted tomorrow, and trust me - IT'S A GOOD 'UN!

 Larry Tee showing off some of his new collection

 My absolute favourite piece from the collection - love the sheer overlay with the holographic background! DREAMY!
 Monochrome - I'd wear that whole rail, and some of the detailing was BEYOND!
 Vinti Andrews - some beautiful mesh pieces and sealife details.

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