Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review: Guystyler

Another 'not my usual' post now, this time to take a minute to tell you about the app every fashionable guy needs - Guystyler. It's a bit like Instagram, but specifically for photos of menswear. Guystyler was created to allow men to express their outfit choices and to be part of a community-led style movement. In such a female dominated sector its really refreshing to find an app like this specifically targeted to mens fashion. Guystyler is currently in it's early stages of life, but is set to be the next (and maybe only?!) big app for mens fashion. And I'm being genuine when I recommend this app as I use it regularly myself - I'm even featured in the press release haha. For me it's not only great place to promote my blog, but also a destination to get outfit inspiration from the other guys using the app. Uploading is easy, just take a photo, add a description and within seconds your photo is able to be seen by a community of thousands, either via the Guystyler app or at You can also comment on and 'like' other peoples photos, which is a great gauge of how successful your outfit is! So all you fashionable men who read my blog, get on the website here, and get downloading Guystyler now!!!

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