Thursday, 25 December 2014

A Fashion Blogger Christmas

Merry Christmas Everybody! As it's Christmas day, I thought it only fitting to share with you the lovely gifts I received this year, and maybe give you some inspiration for what to buy the fashion blogger in your life next year! So here is my Christmas Day gift haul!

1. Canon EF 50mm f1.8 Lens

My main present this year was something I felt I desperately needed for my blog - a new lens for my camera! No, admittedly I don't know much about cameras, and to be honest in order to find out exactly what I needed I went to jessops and said 'I want a lens that does blurry backgrounds'. Luckily the very helpful staff in Jessops knew exactly what I needed, and I have to say it is already taking much better photographs. I haven't used it for myself yet (except to take the photos for this blog post!), but you can check out how good it is at taking street style photos over at Hackney Rose!

2. Boss Bottled Gift Set

 Boss Bottled is by far my favorite aftershave - I wear it pretty much every day. So this gift set is perfect for me because it not only contains a giant bottle of my everyday aftershave, but also shower gel and an aftershave balm - so I'm going to smell positively amazing at all times from now on!

3. Boss Bottled Travel Set
Can you see a theme emerging? As some of you may know, traveling is becoming a big part of my job, with trips to Paris becoming a regular occurrence. Well now I'll be able to pack a little lighter, by taking one of these tiny bottles of aftershave with me instead of my usual massive bottle. 

4. Vidal Sassoon Travel Hairdryer
 Another useful travel accessory. Despite cutting my hair short, I'm still very much in need of a hairdryer - more so to keep my hair flat than to actually dry it! This will be the ideal thing to take with me when I'm off on work trips to make sure I'm always looking my best.

5. Topman Pony Skin Boots
  I've been wanting to get a new pair of winter boots for so so long, and have been debating which pair to get. Well Santa got it spot on this year with these beauties! Ok, ok, so I asked for them from my parents, Santa had nothing to do with it, but either way, you will definitely be seeing these in many blog posts to come!

6. Ferrero Rocher
Last, but not least, the chocolate of ambassadors. It's not Christmas without Ferrero Rocher.

Well that's everything I got this year. I hope you got everything you wanted and had a lovely time whatever you ended up doing. I'm so very grateful for all of my gifts and really appreciate having loving parents who are able to make Christmas special, and for finally having a job which allows me to spend a decent amount of time at home with them! I can honestly say I have spent the majority of my time at home watching Christmas films, eating and sleeping. Who can ask for anything more?!

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