Saturday, 6 December 2014

His Name Is School Spirit

Biker Jacket - Topman, Mesh Tee - Ytinifninfinity, Graphic Tee - c/o OPEN, Shirt - Reclaimed Vintage via Asos, Jeans - Topman, Shoes - Topman

The whole varsity/sports team trend is huge this Autumn/Winter, but it's one of those trends that, for me at least, just reminds me of how bad at sports I was in school. When I was given this OPEN Varsity tee at the Capitalize Press Day I decided to challenge myself to style it in a way that felt true to my style. I do like sportswear influence in fashion, and especially the use of technical fabrics like mesh, so I decided to layer my Ytinifninfinity mesh tee over the top to add some interesting layering and to make it less about the writing on the tee and more about the overall look. Always the rebel, I threw my white biker jacket over the top and tied a check flannel shirt around my waist. These Topman buckle shoes are my new staple shoe, so I had to wear them for this outfit. Look out for a surprise in my next outfit post as I've made a major change to my appearance ;)

Get this look for $122+ on Lookastic: White Biker Jacket, Black Mesh Crew-neck T-shirt, Black Print Crew-neck T-shirt, Black and White Plaid Longsleeve Shirt, Black Skinny Jeans, and Black Leather Derby Shoes

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