Thursday, 29 January 2015

His Name Is Wrapped Up

Scarf - Topman, Coat - Vivienne Westwood, Shirt - River Island, Dungarees - Topshop, Hat - Topman, Socks - American Apparel, Shoes - Topman.

So this look has basically become my daily uniform to get me through the cold winter months. I have been called all manner of things by people I work with wearing this - from an Eskimo to Jesus, but equally loads of people have said they like it. I've even been stopped on the street multiple times, by people complimenting me on this look. So I guess it's bit of a Marmite one. Either way, it's warm, stylish, and I like it. I wore the coat and scarf together to LCM, but I found it looks better if I tuck the scarf into the belt of the coat. For this post I kept the rest of the look simple and monochrome, wearing a white shirt and pleather dungarees underneath the coat. I finished off the accessories with a fedora, and paired white socks with my fringed cut-out shoes. How are you coping with the cold?

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Review: Meat Fifteen

Eventually I might review something that I don't appear in haha. But for now you're getting reviews of things that feature yours truly, and this time you will certainly be getting an eyeful of me! A while back I took part in a very special photoshoot celebrating the fifteenth anniversary issue of Meat magazine. Meat is a London based Gay Pinup Fanzine, which celebrates ordinary guys through stylish, sexy and un-retouched portraits. This issue was extra special because it was opened up to absolutely anybody who wanted to be featured in the magazine. 65 guys showed up to the shoot and dropped their trousers for photographer Adrian Lourie. The beauty of the magazine is in how it really breaks the stereotype of what is considered attractive and features guys who are not necessarily your traditional model type. For me, taking part in the shoot was something I knew I wanted to do to help boost my confidence. As I get my photograph taken fairly regularly, you might not think that I suffer from low self esteem, but part of me still feels like that chubby, spotty faced boy who was bullied in school. This shoot really made me feel good about myself and my body image, and I'm honored to be featured within the pages of this magazine, alongside all the other attractive men of London. Even more honored to be given a full page haha! For more info about Meat fifteen watch the video below, and you can buy your own issue here. Also below, is a little preview of the inside, and a few of the most stylish guys that appear in the issue. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

His Name Is Elongate

Shirt - KTZ, Sheer Maxi Dress - The Freak Show, Jeans - c/o OPEN, Boots - Dr Martens, Hat - Comme Des Garcons Comme Des Garcons

I'm still loving the extra long silhouette that his become popular within menswear over the last few seasons. Being tall, I find it much more flattering and much more interesting than the standard shirt that finishes at the hip. It is also a great way of giving a nod to the whole androgyny trend without looking too much like you're wearing a dress. This particular shirt is by KTZ. It's one that I almost bought myself when I worked at Selfridges, to use up the last of my discount before leaving, but decide against it at the time. Luckily enough for me, I managed to find this last one in the sale for a very VERY reasonable price! Chuffed! I love the volume of fabric in the bottom of the shirt and the asymmetrical button up collar. I decided to elongate my silhouette even more by layering the shirt over my sheer maxi dress by The Freak Show. I wanted to keep the whole look black so I chucked on my black jeans, and put the black laces back in my new Dr Martens. I finished the look with the thing that I actually did buy using the last of my Selfridges discount - My Comme Des Garcons Comme Des Garcons fedora. It wasn't the best day to shoot this outfit - It was so windy and my hat kept blowing away, but I'm still really happy with this outfit. Anybody else still loving longline?

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

His Name Is Black Ice

Coat - Burberry, Shirt - Zara, Jeans - Nudie c/o Woodhouse, Boots - Dr Martens

The cold weather is truly upon us, and my coat obsession continues. I'm lucky enough to have a friend that works for Burberry, who kindly lent me this beautiful shaved shearling coat that he got for an absolute steal in a sample sale. It's actually a sample that never went into production, which means this is the only one of this coat in the entire world. Understandably that makes it pretty special, and so it was an absolute honor to wear it, even if it was only for a little while. Being made of shearling, and lined with leather, it was incredibly warm, and the chevron pattern kind of reminds me of Charlie Brown. I decided to keep the styling clean to really show off the coat - black longline shirt and my black Nudie Jeans from Woodhouse (get yours here). The boots were another bargain, and my little post-christmas sale treat to myself. I decided to replace the black laces that came with the boots with white ones to pick up on the white stripe on the coat and add a little bit more interest to the outfit. Even though I only wore it for a short amount of time, I would highly recommend investing in a good winter shearling to get you through the cold winter months in style.

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

London Collections Men : Autumn Winter 15

Now that you know what I got up to over LCM, it's time to show you what the designers got up to. Once again I have trawled through, studied every menswear collection, and put together my personal favorites from the designers who showed during the London presentations. Overall, there is a clear shift in silhouette - forget skinny and fitted, oversized is the new king. Without further ado, here is my round-up of the best of the best.

1. Craig Green

Craig Green showed his first solo menswear show last season, and once again showed a totally mesmerizing collection for Autumn/Winter. He has a fantastic way of balancing the masculine with the feminine, pairing oversized, structured silhouettes with soft jersey in asymmetric cuts. The collection also made many references to protection vs vulnerability. While quilted jackets provided the wearer with an armour, the circular hole above the sternum represents the most vulnerable part of the body. The strapping detail that made his spring summer collection so iconic was minimized this season, but still present on military styled jackets and shirts. I really loved the paper bag waist trousers, I could see myself wearing them and feeling absolutely amazing doing so.

2. E Tautz

If nothing else, this collection makes me love the 'Great British Sewing Bee' that little bit more. Who knew Patrick Grant, judge of the aforementioned reality show, would be capable of such perfect menswear. The collection is absolutely stunning. The perfect balance between dapper and edgy, the collection featured classic menswear silhouettes with a new expanded volume. The double breasted, drop shoulder coat is THE coat of next season, and I, for one, want to be living in one all winter long.

3. KTZ

A total departure from Patrick Grants offering at E. Tautz, KTZ presented a much more caricatured version of the British gentleman. Using 'A Clockwork Orange' as inspiration, the collection was full of references to to the outfits worn by the thuggish skinhead droogs of the film. There was less of a tribal streetwear feel to the collection than usual, but maybe this is a sign of the brands evolution. For me, the star pieces came in the finale, with the final few outfits feature entirely leather ensembles - and you know I love a good bit of leather.

4. Lee Roach

Incredibly, with the exception of the shoes and bags, every element of this collection is reversible. Every detail has been considered so that no matter what way the garment is worn, it still looks beautiful, from the intricate chain-link inserts, to the waist cinching belts that are able to work both visibly and invisibly. There are some fantastic silhouettes within the collection, and despite being concept led, it is still very wearable. Roll necks are still massive next season, and look amazing paired with raw edge jackets in black and soft grey.

5. Rory Parnell Mooney

Rory is the latest addition to the 'MAN' show, the joint initiative between Topman and Fashion East that proudly champions emerging menswear talent. The mainly black and navy collection showed minimalist punk-monks with loose silhouettes, floor-length coats and visor-meets-Dutch bonnets. Another collection channeling the oversized and structured, a standout piece was the perfect wide-leg trouser shown with almost every look. And the beauty is all in the details - frayed edge seams and intricate sheer checks made by painstakingly removing threads from the fabric of the garments.

6. Nicomede Talavera

For a second season, Nicomede Talavera is showing as part of the 'MAN' show, this time taking inspiration from Kurt Cobain and the Muslim boys of his youth, complete with a homage to the snap side trackies we all loved during the 90's (although slightly more sophisticated, using ties rather than poppers). The overall choice of fabrics and colour was, in my opinion, exquisite, and I love the rise in man skirts within menswear, slowly making the look far more mainstream and acceptable.

I can't decide whether it's my own tastes maturing, or simply a change in brand aesthetics, but I once again find myself disappointed by labels I historically love. Topman Design, Katie Eary, and this time even Sibling, presented collections that just really didn't do it for me. Despite this, there is still plenty to look forward to come Autumn Winter, and although I'm not quite ready to ditch my skinny jeans now, I'm sure by next season my wardrobe will be awash with oversized karate pants and wide legged trousers.