Thursday, 29 January 2015

His Name Is Wrapped Up

Scarf - Topman, Coat - Vivienne Westwood, Shirt - River Island, Dungarees - Topshop, Hat - Topman, Socks - American Apparel, Shoes - Topman.

So this look has basically become my daily uniform to get me through the cold winter months. I have been called all manner of things by people I work with wearing this - from an Eskimo to Jesus, but equally loads of people have said they like it. I've even been stopped on the street multiple times, by people complimenting me on this look. So I guess it's bit of a Marmite one. Either way, it's warm, stylish, and I like it. I wore the coat and scarf together to LCM, but I found it looks better if I tuck the scarf into the belt of the coat. For this post I kept the rest of the look simple and monochrome, wearing a white shirt and pleather dungarees underneath the coat. I finished off the accessories with a fedora, and paired white socks with my fringed cut-out shoes. How are you coping with the cold?

Get this look for $134+ on Lookastic: Black Wool Hat, White Long Sleeve Shirt, Black and White Knit Scarf, Black Pea Coat, Black Overalls, White Socks, and Black Leather Tassel Loafers

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