Sunday, 15 March 2015

His Name Is Geisha

Kimono - c/o Rokit, Roll Neck - Topman, Trousers - Sparks, Belt - Topshop, Backpack - c/o Rokit, Necklace - Borderline Apparel, Shoes - Topman 

In January, during LCM I believe, I was having a little shop and a wander around Camden and popped into Rokit to see if there were any bargains to be had - Their starship vintage section upstairs always has some great pieces at very reasonable prices. I was stopped by one of the girls in the shop who asked to take my photo for the Rokit blog. Being the poser blogger that I am of course I said yes. Last week I got an email, and it turns out I won their January street-style competition - £100 to spend on their online store! Amazing! I had never bought vintage online before, as I always feel with vintage you kinda need to see it in real life - to assess it's condition, decide if it will fit etc. But £100 is £100 so I'm not about to turn my nose up at it! I scoured the whole website to decide exactly which pieces I wanted. The website is much more expensive than the stores - presumably because the quality of the clothing is much higher online. They even have an amazing designer vintage section on the website where you can find some amazing, rare pieces from the likes of Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney - something I never knew Rokit stocked. Eventually I narrowed it down to 3 possibilities. An Aquascutum navy belted wool coat, A plain black kimono and a leather backpack from their Rokit Recycled range. I couldn't afford all three, but had to spend over the £100 to use the voucher, so in the end I decided to add £40 of my own money and got the kimono and backpack. You might remember my post last week where I was wearing my full length kimono and wanted to wear it more, well this new kimono is a bit shorter and plainer, making it much more practical for everyday wear, and I'm hoping it will work as a stepping stone to wearing my full length one more. My new wardrobe staples are my white roll neck and black high waisted trousers, so these were an obvious styling choice for me. I added my harness necklace to make the look that bit more 'me'. Rokit have a fantastic range online, sorted into product categories and trends (loving the 'Androgynous' trend right now!), you can visit their website here, and check out their stores across London - who knows - maybe you'll be the next Street Style competition winner!

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