Sunday, 19 April 2015

Highstreet Edit: Shoes

I love shoes, but I hate shoe shops. I had this realization the other day when trying to find a pair of cool sandals (as the weather had turned insanely sunny and my feet were positively burning up in my DM's). I'm sick to death of going into shoe shops that have amazingly edgy, super cool womens shoes, and a mens department that can only be described as a sea of brown. Why is it so hard to find well designed, interesting mens shoes for reasonable prices?! And don't get me started on the customer service - They pounce on you as soon as you walk in the door, but as soon as you actually want somebody to help you, there never seems to be anyone around. Anyway, I have scoured the internet to bring you some of the best mens shoes available at the moment that won't quite break the bank.


If you read my blog regularly, or follow me on Instagram, you will know that Underground is one of my favourite shoe brands. Underground was founded in the aftermath of the punk movement and has never lost it's rebellious spirit. Underground's shoes have been adopted by like-minded couture designers who are inspired by their uncompromising style. Recently, Underground has collaborated with Selfridges as part of the Agender project - championing genderless apparel, and have also opened up a whole back-catalogue of styles that are available to order from their website. I love a cut-out shoe, and the Bowie cut out boot above is no exception. I'm also bit of a magpie when it comes to anything shiny, so a silver creeper is right up my street. I don't know if I prefer the silver triple sole, or the one with the white double sole from the Spring 2015 collection. Either way, keep doing what you're doing Underground - you rock

All Saints
If you have never heard of All Saints, you must be living under a rock. But you may not have realized that they have such an amazing selection of shoes this season. Generally All Saints go for that well worn, grungy feel with their footwear, but their spring/summer 15 collection is a much cleaner offering. I was obsessed with the Givenchy shoes with the elastic strap across the front last season, and now All Saints have created a high-street homage with the Bind shoe - it's absolutely perfect with its creeper sole and thick elastic detailing. Also loving the zip detail on the Chime Zip shoe - available in both charcoal (pictured) and black, a versatile shoe that could be worn with a smart or a casual look.


ASOS have got to be the king of affordable fashion forward footwear right now. The shoes above range from as little as £18 right up to a very reasonable £70,  how can you go wrong? While the shapes might not necessarily be breaking any boundaries, it's some of the fabrications that are really winning it for me. The one thing I really wanted while I was shopping for sandals the other day was a pair of silver sliders, and while I managed to find a perfect pair in the womens section of Office (which would have, of course, been too small for me), I had no luck in any of the mens shoe departments. Well ASOS have made my dreams come true with these metallic beauties, and not only that, they have some amazing iridescent shoes for guys too. ASOS are really nailing mens summer footwear so go check them out.

Monster Shoe

I think I died and went to heaven when I discovered this brand. In the brands own words - Monster shoes are designed for individuals who don't give a fuck about the world’s opinion in terms of their lifestyle choices including their fashion style. Monster shoes knows no sex, no limits, no rules, just pure fashion bliss, and it is through this ethos that they have created the most covetable range of genderless shoes my eyes have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Being genderless, the shoes have a slightly unusual sizing system, as mens and womens sizes tend to be different, so you need to measure your food to find your shoe size. Although a bit more expensive, most shoes come it at around the £100 mark, with none going over £200. And you can't deny it's worth paying that little bit extra for such amazing designs. My only problem would be knowing which pair to pick! My favourites are above, but there are so many more amazing designs on their website, they definitely have something for anyone and everyone who wants to make a statement with their shoes.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens current campaign proudly shouts the phrase 'Stand For Something'. Dr Martens has a long-standing history of creating high-quality comfortable shoes and boots, originally adopted by the punks, the fashion pack has now welcomed them into the mix, and Dr Marten's has reacted by creating some gorgeously fashionable, wardrobe staples. I still have my Geraldo sandals from last year, which I guarantee I'll be getting a lot of wear out of again this year, but the Brelade sandal above is a great update if you want a lower sandal, which is a bit more on-trend this season. Also the Lester shoe above, which is part of the crafted collection, is exclusively made from black flecked melange silk by the Stephen Walters & Sons silk company, can you get more luxurious than that?! So what do I stand for? I stand for well designed, affordable shoes that make you feel good regardless of your gender.

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