Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that wearable technology is making huge advances in the world of fashion right now. More and more designers are looking to technology to influence they way they design and it plays a major role in the development in future-ready garments.INTERLACED is the newly founded collective dedicated to inspire, educate, and communicate the developments around the next wave of fashion and technology. As an official INTERLACED blogger I'm going to be able to help you know about all the major developments within wearable technology. Some of my favourite designers and brands are pioneers of wearable technology, including Ada + Nik and Opening Ceremony. INTERLACED is currently gearing up for it's first event. Taking place in London on 3rd September, the event will bring the fashion tech industry and the public closer through talks, panel discussions and one of the first catwalk shows featuring wearable tech alongside innovative fashion brands. I'm really excited for the event and can't wait to see the amazing clash of technology and fashion. Early bird tickets for the event are available here and you can follow interlaced on their social media channels simply by searching @weareinterlaced on twitter, instagram or facebook. Keep an eye out for more updates on INTERLACED coming your way soon!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

His Name Is LCM Day 4

Shirt - Natural Selection, Blazer - Zara, Trousers - Asos, Kilt - Studio Collection, Shoes - Topman, Bag - Topman Lux

My final LCM Post! Day 4, and I have run out of things from Rokit to wear, so I threw together some bits and pieces from my wardrobe. I really wanted to wear a man-skirt during LCM at some point, so this was the basis for deciding on my outfit. The shirt is by Natural Selection, and I managed to nab it in a sample sale for an absolute bargain at the start of the month. I love the high collar, and it has a cute little pocket in the front (totally useless, but a nice detail nonetheless). I wanted to keep the look smart, so I layered the skirt over smart black trousers and teamed the whole thing with a smart black blazer. I had an absolute trauma deciding on what bag to take, as most of my clutch bags are not big enough for my camera and my backpack didn't really go. I ended up with my Topman Lux Woven clutch, but I would have preferred something a bit slicker. And I definitely need to get myself a new pair of black smart shoes because I wear these ones all the time, but they just seem to go with everything! Anyway, my last day of LCM stated at 1pm, with the Richard James show taking place at Carlton House Terrace. Before entering the show I bumped into Joe Ottaway - boyfriend of my ex-manager, and BFF of David Gandy (Yes, I actually met and shook the hand of David Gandy!). Onto the collection, and the Saville Row tailor was inspired by Mexican Las Pozas - The creation of English poet and surrealist Edward James. James juxtaposed the fantastical forms of his art collection with the natural forest surroundings to create a place he called his 'Surrealist Xanadu'. The vibrant, colour drenched collection reflected the beauty of Las Pozas by clashing playful and plentiful prints with classically beautiful tailoring. Totally not the kind of thing I would wear personally, but I can appreciate the craftsmanship of the tailoring.

After the show, it was a mad rush to get the the Christopher Raeburn show at 2pm, at the Old Sorting Office. I would like to take this opportunity to say how horrendously shite Uber is. I thought I'd save myself some frantic running around by getting a cab. How wrong I was. The app kept telling me the driver was 6 minutes away. 10 minutes later and still no sign of the cab, and the app is still telling me he is 6 minutes away. I end up messaging the driver, who tells me is nowhere near. Great. So then I positively RAN to to tube to get to the show on time. I just managed it, and I'm so glad I did. The Christopher Raeburn S/S16 colection was titled Borneo, and was another Jungle inspired offering. This time much more quirky and tongue-in-cheek, the collection presented a much more sophisticated colour palette in the form of monkey shaped backpacks and streetwear inspired garments. Obviosuly I was loving the incorporation of man-skirts within the collection, and there were some fantastic print pieces.

Once again I had some time to kill between shows, so I headed back to the designer showrooms to check out the other brands on show that I didn't look at the day before. CSB had some beautiful pieces, and I was loving the work of fledgling brand Tropiano, who were offering incredibly wearable Italian made luxury essentials inspired by the strong relationship between art, design and architecture. The collection consisted of softly structured pieces with alternative design features, matching natural tones and mixed textures. Most importantly, I have to say how beautiful the silhouettes of the collection are, and how the seemingly mis-proportioned garments balance each other perfectly.

Next up was the Maharishi show, once again at the Old Sorting Office. Maharishi is a brand that had a major hay-day in the 90's, and is coming back with a updated collection that stays true to its original aesthetic, whilst creating covetable clothing for the modern-day man. The spring summer 16 collection effectively mixed contemporary military uniform looks and references to vestments worn by religious devotees in a collection that had so many supremely awesome looks. Buddhist monks were clearly a major inspiration, and models even posed as such whilst walking the catwalk. The nods to military and streetwear kept the collection wearable, whilst religious detailing gave the collection that extra edge. Standout pieces for me were the longline shirts and drapey capes, that I could definitely see myself wearing again and again. See for yourself below.

My final show of the day was KTZ. I had to pop into work straight after the Maharishi show to help de-install the Joseph LCM precentation, and then left at 6:30 to get to the KTZ show on the Southbank at 7. KTZ was probably the show I was looking forward to the most, as it's a brand I actually own pieces from, and has an aesthetic that really speaks to me. UNFORTUNATELY, the show was totally over-booked. With a mere 6 people in front of me in the queue, the doors were shut as the venue was at full capacity. 6 PEOPLE! If I was only there 5 minutes earlier I would have gotten in! And there were about 50 people in the queue behind me too! How does a brand manage to send out that many invitations to a venue that can't hold anywhere that many people?! Needless to say I was incredibly disappointed, and KTZ should definitely hire a better PR company next time to avoid such monumental cock-ups and disappointed fans. Sad end to my LCM experience, but I had a great weekend nonetheless, and can't wait to do it all again next season!