Wednesday, 19 August 2015

His Name Is Chestnut

Jacket - Joseph
Top - Topman
Trousers - All Saints
Shoes - Monster
Bag - Homemade

After finally deciding what I wanted to get for my uniform this season, I am horrified to learn that it hasn't gone into production! So sad! So instead I nabbed the sample from the showroom to show you guys what I really wanted to get. I've been 100% dedicated to monochrome for so long, I think I've started to rebel against myself and fall in love with a bit of colour - specifically all the gorgeous autumnal colours that are around at the moment. Chestnut is such a beautiful rich colour, and looks amazing in the form of this collarless felt blazer. There is a possibility it has been produced in gray so I might still be able to own it yet. I haven't ventured too far away from my standard monochrome though, styling the blazer with an off-white roll neck and black trousers. My insanely amazing Monster shoes sandals were a must, with the wooden sole picking up nicely on the colour of the blazer, and my homemade felt clutch completed the look. Even if I will never be able to own this particular blazer, I still think I'm going to invest in some autumnal colours to brighten up my black, white and grey wardrobe.

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