Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas Everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic time and got everything your heart desired! I thought it would be a good idea to share with you the lovely gifts I received this year, and maybe give you some inspiration for what to buy the fashion blogger in your life next year! So here is my Christmas Day gift haul!

Macbook Pro
Ok so this one wasn't exactly a stocking filler. My old macbook has finally given up the ghost, and that means it would be incredibly difficult to blog without a decent laptop to work from. This was my major gift this year from my parents, and is also counting as my birthday present as it was a pretty hefty purchase. But I have to say so far I am loving it - i'm writing this blog post on it right now! It's so much faster and slicker than my old macbook, and using it makes me very happy indeed.

Topman Lux Jumper

Even though I wasn't expecting any additional gifts to my new Macbook, sometimes my mum just can't help herself. And I'll tell you what - posting a christmas wishlist online certainly makes sure you get things you actually want for christmas! I'm sure I've gushed enough already about how much I love this jumper, but I have to re-iterate now that I actually own it, as it's so soft and fluffy, fits like a glove and is super chic.

Starbucks Mug and Teabag

Not all my gifts this year were from my parents. This mug and teabag were given to me by my work colleague Sorcha. As we have tea in Starbucks pretty much every day, this was given to me with a note to hope that it would tide me over while I am at home for Christmas! Such a sweet gift and I'm so grateful to work with such a lovely and thoughtful manager. 

Boss Bottled Gift Set

Those of you who know me will know that Boss Bottled is my signature fragrance - there's barely a day that goes by when I won't be smelt wearing it. If you saw my Christmas post last year you would know that I was inundated with Boss related gifts, but this year it was just the one gift-set, which is more than enough to get me through a large percentage of the year!

Slate Platter and Coasters

You will also have gathered from recent blog posts that at the moment I am all about making my flat a beautiful place to live. Some people call it nesting, but whatever it is I am on a home kick right now that won't end until my flat looks like it belongs on Grand Designs. With that in mind, and knowing my love for slate and natural materials, my parents bought me these gorgeous homewares to beautify my dining table, which is precisely where they will take pride of place as soon as I get back to London.

Kooples Shearling Gloves

Last but in no way least, this gift I got from someone very special in my life right now. My gorgeous boyfriend treated me to these amazing shearling gloves from The Kooples and I love them. They are so warm and soft, and I love the zip detail - they're so me! I'm incredibly thankful to have this lovely boy in my life.

Not pictured - another loved one in my life, my housemate Katharine, got me a stunning vanilla soy candle and a stag head magnet, both of which are perfect gifts for me and I love them so much. Of course we exchanged gifts before christmas and I left them in London, so I didn't have them to photograph and include in this post. But I'm very grateful for them just the same. And don't worry, I didn't just do the receiving, I also made the extra effort to get the people in my life presents that I sincerely hope they love and realise how much they are loved by me. 

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  1. Wow! Nice bunch of presents. You can't be complaining. I'm glad that you received things that you wanted.