Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Highstreet Edit : Chirstmas Wish List

I know you're all desperately wondering what to get me for Christmas (haha), so a little change to my regular Highstreet edit this month, as this time I'm going to focus on my dream Christmas wish list, and not everything will actually be from the Highstreet!

1. Acne Gibson Black Leather Biker Jacket
I very sadly have to accept the truth, that my Topshop leather jacket is finally giving up the ghost and falling apart. I don't think I'd ever have the heart to throw it away as it's served me so well over the years, but I definitely think it's time for a replacement. And what better jacket to replace it with than this supremely beautiful example from Acne. Made from 100% cow leather, the jacket features a notched collar with snap buttons and diagonal front zipper closure. Contrasting suede panels on the back and sleeves add an element of interest to this perfect staple leather jacket. At £1000 it's certainly well out of my budget, but would make a wonderful gift don't you think?!

2. Samsonite Star Wars Suitcase
Whilst on the subject of things falling apart, my suitcase that I regularly use for photo shoots is also losing the will to live. I have already had to throw one away this year due to a popped zip, and downgrading to that suitcases smaller brother is not helping the situation. So if you're going to regularly use a suitcase, you want something durable and stylish - am I right?! Well who is more stylish than the lord of the dark side himself, Darth Vader. And he's very kindly lent his face to a collaboration with luggage brand Samsonite. Adding a bit of wit and uniqueness to an otherwise pedestrian item, this suitcase would be the perfect thing for photo shoots and traveling back to Wales for Christmas (Driiiiiving home for Christmas.......).

3. Topman Lux Grey Chunky Roll Neck With Zips
I've never been one for a Christmas Jumper (apart from my Bah Humbug one that disintegrated after I wore it too much - why does all my stuff fall apart?!), but that doesn't mean I don't have a soft spot for some fine knitwear. Words can't describe how much I've been thinking about this jumper. Not only is it supremely soft and fluffy, it has some great fashion forward details like the side zip and roll neck. Perfect for Christmas day, it would look awesome paired with the Acne biker Jacket.

4. LAX Gym Membership

I'm getting fed up of being so very unfit, and so I intend to make a new years resolution to become heathier and fitter. That would be made a whole lot easier with a Gym membership, and my Gym of choice would be the LAX in South Kensington, because I have to pass it almost every day. What better incentive is there to go to the Gym then the soul crushing guilt of having to walk past it every day?! As you may have guessed motivation to go to the gym is low, as I hate doing exercise, but I have every intention of turning this around in the new year.

5. Juun.J Wide Leg Trousers
I am officially embracing the wide leg trend, that started this season and is set to continue for many seasons to come. So many designers championed this trend, but the one who absolutely nailed it was Juun.J. These black wool wide leg trousers feature a flattering belted high waist, and multiple pockets. They are the ultimate iteration of wide leg trousers and I would be overjoyed to open these on Christmas morning.

6. Asda Copper and Glass Table Lamp
I'm on such a home decor kick at the moment. Myself and my housemate have been working tirelessly to turn out flat into a grown up apartment worthy of the extortionate rent we have to pay to live in London. After convincing the landlord to paint the living room white, dying the sofa, re-covering the cushions, and buying pretty much all new living room furniture, there is but one thing left to get - and that is a stylish table lamp to sit next to the sofa. Light fixtures can be so expensive, but this one is actually very reasonably priced at only £20, and is available from Asda of all places! Who knew Asda had such chic homewares?! it looks great when combined with a decorative filament lightbulb, the designer look for much much less!

7. Cos Melange Buttonless Shirt
For as long as I can remember I've loved a good shirt. I especially love a shirt with bit of an unusual detail. This Jil Sander inspired number from Cos is just the thing. This modern, clean lined shirt is made from soft cotton with an all-over melange finish. A straight shape, with a hidden fastening along the shoulder and neck, it has a pointed collar, long sleeves and a curved hemline, making it the perfect quirky shirt for something smarter, like work or a date. Lord knows I love a co-ord, and this shirt also has a matching pair of trousers. Truly a thing of beauty - bravo Cos!

8. Cards Against Humanity

What Christmas is complete without a traditional parlor game?! Well forget Monopoly or Cluedo, this is the ultimate game for the 21st century. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. Certainly not a game to play with your parents, the aim is basically to create the rudest, most inappropriate sentence using the cards you have in front of you. If this doesn't sum up the spirit of Christmas I don't know what does! haha.

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  1. The buttonless shirt is an extremely interesting piece. Clean lines and my favourite colour. Would love to wear it myself :)