Sunday, 6 December 2015

His Name Is Darkness

Shirt (around waist) - East End Thrift Store
Jeans - Topman
Boots - c/o Teva
Hat - H&M

A couple of weeks ago you might recall me blogging about my Teva sandals, well you might be surprised to learn that Teva don't only make sandals, but they also make boots! And if you thought the sandals were comfy, then just wait until you try on the boots - they are literally like wearing a couple of couch cushions strapped to your feet. Super light with a great spongey sole that makes your feet feel lighter than air, and yet they look so heavy and chunky (my favourite kind of shoe). They are available in a few different colours and styles, I, of course, went for the all black version. They have that almost normcore 90's vibe, so I decided to channel this in my styling. I wanted to put together more of a casual look, although I think these boots would give a great contrast to something a bit smarter. I paired the boots with my new, and new favorite, jeans - the wide leg crop from Topman. I've been rocking this jean shape for a while in the form of my blue Acne jeans, but given my leaning towards all black ensembles, I thought it made sense to get a pair in black. They are a bargain at only £38 (and I managed to get them at 20% off thanks to black Friday!), and they have already more than paid back what I paid for them in the sheer amount I have worn them since buying them! Such a cool shape - I reiterate what I said a while back, the skinny jean is dead, or at least not as cool as it used to be. On top I went for a cool black tee and hooded denim jacket, and then tied a flannel shirt around my waist to reference the 90's styling trend that's so huge right now. Finally I finished the outfit with my new woolen hat, which I am so chuffed to have finally found a winter hat that suits me, and it was only £6.99 in H&M - winning! Head to the Teva website here to check out the entire range of boots and sandals, and embrace the 90's hiking boot.

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  1. I really enjoy such casual looks with interesting elements. Comfy yet effective. And let's admit, who doesn't like a 90's vibe? :)