Monday, 25 January 2016

His Name Is Granite

Top - Cos
Blazer - Topman
Trousers - Topman Lux
Shoes - Dr Martens

I have been so busy in work lately that I haven't had a single moment to focus on my blog, and so blogging has had to sit on the back burner for a while. But don't worry, I'm back, and with an outfit post that I personally love (and I hope you do too!). The sales have made it very hard for me to resist shopping, and one sale in particular has really caught my attention - Cos. Everything is now half price, and there are some beautiful pieces still available, this shirt being one of them. It's made from a super soft wool suiting fabric and has a super modern high neckline and concealed side closure. It feels so designer, and is an absolute bargain at half the original price! I decided to keep the whole look tonal in soft shades of grey. My oversized blazer complimented the fabric of the shirt perfectly, and The shape of the shirt worked excellently with my Topman Lux wide legged crop trousers. The other new item in this outfit is the shoes, which were given to my by my boyfriend as he never wears them. Admittedly they are about two sizes too small and wreck my feet, but I love them so much it's worth the pain. I finished the look with a man-clutch courtesy of River Island. So apologies once again for the radio silence, but I promise to be back on the blogging from now on!


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