Saturday, 30 January 2016

His Name Is Staple

Jumper - c/o Woolovers
Jacket - Whistles
Jeans - Topman
Hat - H&M
Septum Ring - Gypsy East Jewels
Boots - Dr Martens

There are certain things that every man should have in his wardrobe, basic wardrobe staples that will carry you through any outfit dilemma. You might think that this means that these pieces have to be boring but it's simply not true. When Woolovers approached me to collaborate, I knew I wanted to focus on an outfit full of great wardrobe staples, as lets be honest, this is what they specialize in - luxury woolen essentials. Started in 1989 from small beginnings, Wool Overs is now a world class knitwear retailer, supplying nearly 750,000 customers with men's and ladies classic and contemporary knitwear. Their range has grown to over 160 styles available in 180 different colour combinations, so you are spoilt for choice. Given that I wanted to focus on staple pieces, I chose a crew neck lambswool jumper in a soft grey, a great piece that would support a whole array of outfits, from casual to smart, and such an easy throw-on. Continuing with the wardrobe staple theme, I paired the jumper with a clean white shirt, but gave it a twist by wearing my longline shirt from Rabbithole. A good leather Jacket is another item that every man needs in his wardrobe, and this one is perfect, and currently a bargain in the Whistles sale. Basic black skinny jeans were an obvious choice, and I updated my classic black Dr Martens boots with white laces. As it's currently freezing cold, I wore my grey wool beanie, but I hardly needed it as I was so warm from the combination of the Lambswool jumper and leather jacket. Make sure you check out Woolovers by heading to their website here - you won't be disappointed!


  1. All basics that everyone should have in their closets. Great look!

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